Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ornament Overload

When I was growing up, we used a figure of speech in our family that basically said "You're using/you have too much _______!" It went something like this. My dad likes lots of salad dressing on his salad, so my mom would say, "Why don't you have some salad with your dressing?" We'd all chuckle about it and that was that. I recall hearing "Why don't you have some cereal with your milk?" (I love milk - especially a lot on my cereal) or "Why don't you have some hair with your hairspray?" (it was, after all, the 80's). We sometimes still say it just for old time's sake. So, do you think I should have some tree with my ornaments?

At dinner tonight, my husband said, "We don't have a tree with ornaments on it. We have a mass of ornaments with a tree somewhere underneath." Decorating the tree is probably my favorite part of "decking the halls." That and setting up my nativity on the fireplace mantel. I know I have a ton of ornaments, and I get more every year, and every year when I get them out I think I should leave some off. But how do I choose which ones to leave in the box when the rest of them get to come out and show off their cuteness/beauty/funniness/sweetness? I can't choose, so they all come out to play.

This poor tree has been around a long least 10 years. What say we spring for a nice big one at a day-after-Christmas sale? Then I'll have to get more pretties so I can "have some ornaments with my tree."


  1. Why don't you have some oatmeal with your sugar? I know there are lots more, just can't remember them right now. I think you should get a new tree, sistie. :) You could have a grown up tree and a kid tree!

  2. you will love your new tree next year!! I can't wait to see it all put up with those lights already on there. :)