Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Hog Trough

Growing up I lived in Colorado. My parents were from South Dakota so all my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle's, and Cousins were there. Really, my parents and Uncle Al were the only ones to really the state. South Dakota was where we went on vacation. When my Grandpa was alive, one of his favorite places to eat was at "The Hog Trough." It was really the Royal Fork Buffet in Rapid City. Which I have just found out has closed. Anyways, that is where we would go. My grandparents loved it, and since it was a buffet there were no doggy bags. Well my grandpa, he had a great slight of hand. He would pack some food up in the small bowls, one on top of the other, and wrap them in napkins so they would not spill and put them in my grandma's purse. I am pretty sure they also had some of the flatware from there too. My grandpa was a hoot. Every time we would feed the cats at my Grandparents house we could not help but think of Grandpa since the cat dishes were stolen from "The Hog Trough." He left that legacy with my family.

My brothers have kept the tradition alive. My husband and I have a matching set of Chili's mugs. We got one for our wedding from one brother, and one for my birthday from the other brother. Seriously, they crack me up. Now I have my own stolen mugs that remind me of him and my brothers who stole them. It was an unexpected gift but oddly very meaningful.

Do any of your dishes have an odd story to tell? Please share?
Oh, and please don't go and start a stollen dish collection. That is illegal. :)

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  1. I laughed so hard, thank you for sharing this story. My sister has a collection of Coca-Cola glasses from a restaurant she frequented. I have no idea why she started taking them.

    From working in a restaurant for years I can tell you the owner became very upset when he had to order more cutlery and dishes. Of course he would then update the menus with raised prices, which made him feel better. How the world does revolve. lol