Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Butterfly Wreath Ornament Tutorial

Last night we did our annual Girl's Christmas Get Together and this year we decided it would be fun and practical to do an ornament exchange....just the five of us Praiseworthy friends  The assignment was given that they all had to be made from the things we already had in our home.  Because of my butterfly craziness this year I made these flutter wreaths to give away...and wanted to share a "how-to" with you.  It's was a pretty fun and easy one. Plus it's NO SEW!!!

I first used this Martha Stewart butterfly punch to cut out all my butterflies from my favorite scrapbook papers.  I don't know how many is on each wreath so punch away and save any leftovers for something clever.  I could use these cute little beauties anywhere.  I just love them. 

You will also need some sort of metal ring, a glue gun, some ribbon and for fun, a little bling.

 After you get your butterflies punched out fold them a little bit towards the center so they can fly.  Then put a dot of hot glue on your metal ring and add a butterfly.  Keep doing that until your ring is full.

 Adding the butterflies is the fun part.  I made them go every which way and I put them on both sides of the ring so the wreath would look just a cute from the back.
See...after being all filled up it should look just like a wreath...a very small wreath of course.  Wait! Wouldn't this be really great looking if it was giant sized?  Hmmm... I sort of like that idea. 
I added a ribbon and a bow...

and some bling to a few of the butterfly heads.  I think this makes it look more like a Christmas wreath.  You know those ones that have the berries on them?

 After you have made as many as you need then you can have your party, eat yummy food and just enjoy being together. 

When I get my Christmas boxes out each year I love the ornament part of it and I especially love seeing the ones these girl's have made for me over the years.  Each one has a little story and each one reminds me of the person who made it.  You can see their love in a creative tangible way and that's a huge part of Christmas for me.  It may take a little bit more time to make something for a loved one but it's so worth it.  Hopefully the ones we added last night will provide us with a fond memory of the this past year.  I'm so lucky to have such great friends!


  1. Jenni, those are wonderful!! When I was a young Mom I always had an ornament exchange/decorating party. I miss those days. Merry Christmas to you and yours. ~ Lynn @thevintagenest

  2. CUTE! Am I even surprised of your cuteness though?!

  3. these are too cute!! Beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jenni-

    Thanks for linking up to my Holiday link up. I am so sorry that it took me this long to respond. Please forgive me, but with working full time, blogging, and the holidays I never seemed to get everything done.
    Your butterfly ornament is so special - so colorful. It makes me happy just looking at it.
    I have a facination and soft spot for handmade ornaments as my mom always made tons of them while I was growing up. Seeing something unique like this ornament inspires me to look outside the box to create new and exciting projects. Thanks for providing such a great tutorial also.
    Happy New Year-
    My best- Diane