Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking Good Last Minute

This is what my dining table looks like right now (okay, make that two days ago when I started writing this post), in the middle of making a bunch more of the ornaments I made for our exchange. I don't have a photo of a finished one, alas (I didn't have one two days ago, and since then have been down-to-the-wire finishing them before rushing them off to my daughter's school for her teachers so I still don't have a photo of one finished)!

Here's the best I could do ... you get the idea, yes?

Super cute, super easy, and totally not my idea. Go on over here to find the tutorial, along with completed-ornament photos.

Things I did differently:
- I zig-zag-stitched the bottom of the skirt, because I love a raw edge but I don't love the thought of the whole thing unravelling.
- I used my sewing machine to make the gathering stitch - just set it to the biggest stitch, gently pull the ends of the thread, and voila!
- I also stitched the skirt together at the back, with right-sides together and then turned it right-side out. Then I stitched the top of the skirt closed, mostly to hold the gathers in place.
- I didn't use any beads, just embroidery stitches to embellish the top. I also just stitched a loop of yarn to the top for hanging, because I'm too impatient to spend time on fashioning a tiny hanger out of wire.

These can be made quickly and you can do many at a time - they're a great last-minute gift for a friend, teacher, hostess, or for an ornament exchange. Hooray for last-minute holiday crafting!

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