Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She was born on a Saturday.

I gave birth to her at 3:27 am on a Saturday.

In these short two years, I've seen some of myself in her.

She's a little crafty...

...and a little domestic.

She loves being outside...

...even if it means getting dirty.

She's independent, determined (sometimes to the point of stubbornness) and has a special admiration for her big brother...just like her mom.

But she's very much her own person.

She takes an unconventional approach to life.

And she could teach me a thing or two about finding joy in simple things.

Yep, she was born on a Saturday...

...and I'm changed because of it.


  1. Oh, she is just so cute and sweet!! I love the crib picture. Noah does that sometimes. :)

  2. In so many of your pictures, she looks like my daughter. And getting dirty? Puleeze- the saying at our house is "You're not having fun if you're not getting dirty." She's a sweetie- you'll love the years ahead.

  3. What a cute--I love my Lydia! And I love my inspiring sister Jen. ;)