Friday, June 3, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Oh the joy of a hidden treasure...

I LOVE to come across a blog or photo or item online that makes my scroll finger pause, and then my eyes widen, and then my heart leap! :) There are so many hidden treasures online--well, they aren't really hidden I guess. They are out there for everyone to enjoy, you just have to know where to find them. And that is why I am totally loving Pinterest! Have you seen it yet? Jenni introduced me to this world of not-so-hidden treasures a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite online joys!

For any of you who are like me when people say, "Oh, I just got online and found it..." (a tutorial or cute kid's item, etc.), then you have probably heard yourself say, "Why can't I find that kind of stuff online? Where are these awesome blogs and cool websites?" I always feel like I'm the last to know!

Well, now I find all kinds of treasures online--those same ones that I used to think were hidden somewhere in the mommy-blog sphere where I was not invited. Oh, no, we are all invited! And you can invite your friends.

I'm not trying to promote anything here--except the fun and excitement that comes when you do find something that really makes you smile.

Here is the description of Pinterest directly from their website:
"Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.
People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things -- wedding inspiration, favorite T-shirts, DJ equipment. You name it, people are pinning it."

So, if you want to discover the hidden treasures out there...go to Pinterest and request an invitation. Once you're account is set up, you can find friends, invite friends, make friends, and best of all--pin EVERYTHING and ANYTHING until your heart is content. If any of you have a shopping addiction--this just might kick it. It's like shopping, but without spending any money!  You can add anything you want to your pinboards and look at it as much as you want, so that's almost like having one of your own, right? :)

Happy Friday, all!

ps. The topic for this week is "hidden," in case you wanted to write a little something of your own and link up with us!

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